Traditional Worship Church Locator

Select a denomination, zoom into a location on the map, and locate area churches with a traditional worship style.

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The purpose of this website is to assist individuals in locating Christian churches which still conduct services utilizing a traditional style of worship. This is principally defined by the continued primary use of traditional music. The intent is that any church of any Christian denomination that wishes to be listed on this site need only agree with these two statements:

  1. Though our church has additional doctrinal distinctives, we can readily assent to the doctrines embodied in the Nicene Creed.
  2. The worship style (notably music) for the services of our church has not significantly changed from 50 years ago.

With the ever increasing popularity of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM), individuals seeking worship services with a traditional style can sometimes have a daunting task. This website will hopefully make that task a bit easier. We make no judgements regarding the doctrines of any church listed here beyond note #1. Churches wishing to be listed here should email:

(This is a free service.)